Monday, 21 December 2015

ANX international announces the blockchain technology -the front-to-back complete set of integrated solutions with the release of the official website.

December 10, 2015 refers to a blockchain technology can achieve real-time encryption of distributed classification type accounting records, in the process, to ensure that the transaction can be a variety of financial assets, security and confidentiality. This time, the ANX has been announced, but integrated operations management solution for companies to build a blockchain services. Mainly as a content, debit card solutions enterprise that can be integrated with digital assets, including a bit coin, issue and management of digital assets, white label that can build the Exchange service solutions, foreign exchange and remittance services and advisory service.

ANX has been famous in the international (financial technology industry) in the field to focus on innovation , and announced the global market-oriented front-to-back full-service and managed solutions. Thanks to the rapid development of Internet banking, ANX is committed to creating different services, including check account debit card program, white label solutions, consulting services and individual foreign exchange and remittance services. These products and services, once introduced, will exhibit at the leading edge of Internet technology industry into the financial markets and strong brand appeal.

ANX a commitment to expand international sales and customer retention purposes, began to explore the blockchain technology to improve customer loyalty and incentive spending programs. blockchain technology has become one of the industry's hot topic, it is reported there are several banks and the consortium want to have a share in this area, has actively involved in R & D blockchain technologies.

ANX International CEO and co-founder Lu Jianbang (Ken Lo) said: "all types of listed companies have shown the need for the blockchain solutions, they hope to establish in the company's digital asset management project in their own transactions born of loyalty programs, but in this case, high-efficiency, low-cost package of integrated financial services solutions to the solution of the urgent needs.

ANX modular product design leading to the international level of advantage makes ANX international charming, while in ANX international developments in this field also really meet the individual needs of various customers, and gradually developed into a financial services. And customers according to their business needs tailored solutions can only be achieved by selecting a module. This undoubtedly opened a door leading to a solid customer base will provide strength to ANX International to carry out a comprehensive financial security business.

In addition, ANX also provide customer service core operations, including customer service, payment processing, KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, AML (AML) detection, wallet management. ANX has been recognized in the financial technology industries by various types of industrial chain services in the ascendant. while companies focus on sales, but also pay attention to the relevant aspects together to build coexistence and symbiotic, win-win situation in the battle of winning the market for the customers.

In addition, ANX is committed to meet the needs of all individuals and businesses in the industry, so that customers exclusively get high yields. ANX International ("ANX") may provide payment network of traditional and emerging digital assets ecosystems as one of the blockchain technology-stop service. In this service, the perfect combination of finance and the Internet, greatly solve large customers and small and micro enterprises in the financial services sector of the expanding demand, as well as the development of inclusive finance on the job.

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